Trust in concrete innovation

Mastering the challenges that the future holds for concrete production requires sustainable solutions: new strategies, innovative engineering, committed employees and trustworthy partners.
The same applies to concrete quality. To achieve concrete products of superior quality, all production elements must be perfectly synchronized and combined with a high-calibre mixing process.


Integrated Partnership

Shaping the Future is Teamwork.

Today more than ever before, WIGGERT sees itself as a team player working n partnership and embracing the development of added value for our customers.
Our customers value our technical know-how and many years of experience in the various fields of concrete and its applications.
Customers and partners worldwide appreciate that WIGGERT offers clearly defined services, compliance with available budgets, adherence to deadlines, and quality assurance. In addition, we encourage transparency, fairness and spirit of cooperation
This mission is also reflected in the company’s philosophy: »Trust in concrete innovation« WIGGERT relies on advanced engineering to meet customer requirements worldwide in an ever more flexible and faster way and with superior quality. Together we carry the importance of concrete as a building material ahead into the future.

Core Capabilities

Focus on Customer Requirements

Our engineers have specific experience in the development and industrial manufacturing of plants for all kinds of concrete products. An emphasis is placed on the integration of our plants and the components into subsequent production systems run by our customers.
Another goal for our engineers is the modularisation of essential plant components. Such developments will allow WIGGERT to dramatically reduce delivery periods for our concrete batching & mixing plants – a clear advantage for our customers. In addition, the R&D department continuously strives to design even more robust plants that are easy to maintain. This contributes to meeting WIGGERT customers’ demand for consistently high-quality concrete.
Provision of Services
Our target is to ensure plant operation with minimal downtime and concrete production of consistent quality. Our “After-Sales” service includes readily available spare parts, remote plant maintenance, as well as training programmes for mechanical and electrical maintenance and plant operation.
Systems, Products & Plants

In terms of production and automation technologies of the future, we rely on up-to-date industrial processes and increased digitalisation, such as direct data exchange between our concrete batching & mixing plants and their controls with ERP systems like SAGE, PROGRESS or strategic enterprise software.
Through German engineering WIGGERT is able to offer all key components from a single source.

Trust, Service & Innovation …

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Think global: Made in Germany – made in Karlsruhe

Our plants are in operation in countries like Korea, Egypt, USA, Canada, Russia, Peru, Sweden, Singapore and Malaysia. Our sales staff at the Karlsruhe headquarters opens up worldwide markets, establish business contacts and maintain good relationships with our foreign customers.

Some of our Markets Worldwide:
Egypt • Ecuador • Ghana • Guam • Canada • Korea • Malaysia/Singapore • Austria • Peru • Poland • Russia • Sweden • USA • United Arab Emirates

… is what we believe in.

create the basis for a needs-oriented and economic cooperation. For our customers this translates to professional skills, target-orientation and adherence to deadlines from the very beginning.
As a single-source supplier, we operate worldwide with our services ranging from development via assembly up to the integration into existing facilities – backed up by global Life Cycle-Support.

Direct contact with our experts on customer sites and our technical departments helps to identify and solve critical aspects at an early stage.
Our Service & Support enables our customers to keep their plants updated, so that they incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technologies, and extend the life of their concrete batching & mixing plants.
It is a pleasure for us to help shape your future with personal commitment, quality, innovation and an understanding of the challenges that you are facing.

Our Fields of Business


With in-depth industry expertise and know-how we manufacture 
innovative products and plants for concrete production.

For more than 50 years WIGGERT has been designing and manufacturing customised concrete mixing and transport systems, mainly for international markets, at the Karlsruhe headquarters in Germany. Plants exclusively »made in Germany – made in Karlsruhe« are mainly used in industrial manufacturing of all kinds of concrete products.
Whether a huge precast factory for sewage pipe production in Texas, facade elements production for housing construction in Poland, or prefabricated plug-in units for bathrooms and kitchens in Asia: WIGGERT customers worldwide use concrete as a versatile material for their important projects. Consistent quality is of the essence, as lasting and sustainable concrete products can only be made from high-performance materials.
Ensuring top quality concrete is WIGGERT’s mission. The company has developed from an experienced plant manufacturer into a competent and committed team player who supports customers in finding solutions for their future challenges in concrete production.

Precast Concrete Elements

Walls & Sandwich Walls
Pipes and Manholes
Tunnel Segments
Tunnel Segments
Box Culverts & Rings
All Kinds of Precast Concrete Elements

Examples of products that could be manufactured by our concrete.

WIGGERT is one of the market leaders worldwide when it comes to the production of concrete that is then used for infrastructure projects, precast elements, hollow core floorings, pipes, pavers, blocks, roof tiles and similar products. Concrete production can be accomplished with just one mixer, or more sophisticated plant designs with several mixers in conjunction with our flexible transport system.

Fields of Application

Facade Elements
Precast Elements for Housing
Architectural Concrete
Concrete Elements for Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure construction elements
Concrete Pavements
UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Concrete)

Mit detaillierten Branchenkenntnissen und Know-how fertigen wir Anlagen und Komponenten zur Herstellung von Betonelementen für anspruchsvolle Anwendungsbereiche.

Mit umfassender Branchenkompetenz stellen wir Anlagen und Komponenten zur Herstellung von Beton für anspruchsvolle Fertigteile her.

Plant Components

Planetary Countercurrent Mixers
Twin-Shaft Mixers
Concrete Handling Systems
Aggregate Batching & Weighing
Belt Conveyors & Skiphoists
Aggregate Storage & Aggregate Silos
Automatic Cleaning Systems
Plant Automation

Plant Components and System Products – made in Germany
» Concrete Distributor

» Concrete Distributor

» Flying Bucket System with Rollover Bucket

» Segmental Batching Gates

» Concrete Holding Hoppers for Flying Bucket Systems

» Weigh-belts in Aggregate Storage Bins

» Batching Gates for Coarse and Fine Batching

» Aggregate Storage Facility

» Aggregate Loading Systems

» Ice Dosing

» Steel Fibre Dosing

» Plant Automation

» Moisture Measurement

» APP for Plant Production Data

» Automatic Cleaning Systems

Implementation of Plant Projects

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Plant Engineering and Plant Orientation

Pre-planning and long-term visions ensure shorter plant setup periods, reduced total costs and lower operating and maintenance costs.

In the design, manufacting and operation of our plants, we combine critical needs and innovation. In co-operation with our customers we establish a mutual trust and carefully plan and map out a detailed implementation of their projects.

We understand that the timely merging of planning, construction and operation costs is indispensable for optimisation.
Common expertise, engineering capacities and innovative ideas extend the possibilities for our customers: possibilities for optimisation, shorter plant set-up times and reduced total costs.

WIGGERT designs and supplies plants to customers worldwide for a future-oriented concrete production.

We develop and optimise your project in cooperation with you. Our goal is a clear definition of services, binding quality standards, compliance with deadlines and fixed costs combined with risk mitigation. During the operational lifetime of the equipment we offer ongoing support including inspections, plant maintenance recommendations and online monitoring.

Plant Automation

WCS Plant Control
APP for Production Control

The WCS Control System – the centre piece of the WIGGERT concrete batching & mixing plant.


Based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and a Siemens PLC, the WCS Control System offers an easy and concise control of all plant functions, including mixer status, moisture correction, plant status, mix design and inventory administration.
• 1,000 mix designs with parameters for flexible production
• Sand-water-correction for all aggregates
• Automatic correction when using moisture measuring devices
• Manual and automatic tailing correction as well as monitoring of batching tolerance and time
• Consumption statistics for all batched components
• Concrete production statistics
• Silo administration and silo content calculation as graphic display
• Cost calculation programme per mix design, per order, or as total value per day and month
• Maintenance programme with reminder
• Plant diagnosis module for status display of inputs and outputs in the PLC for easy trouble-
• Test run at workshop with plant simulation
• Complete documentation in electronic format

App for Information on the Plant Production Data

The app developed by WIGGERT displays production data in real time and allows useful data analysis to be accessed worldwide via smartphone.
This valuable tool gives the equipment user compact, real-time control of production equipment and can be accessed on site, as well as from any remote location.


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