When you think of the metal industry and construction sector, you often think of a purely male domain.

Not so at WIGGERT! Of course, the experts for concrete plants mostly employ men in production, but for years the company has placed special emphasis on bringing women on board as well.

Whether it’s dispatch or technical documentation, whether it’s long-standing female employees or junior staff: WIGGERT is proud of its high quota of women compared to the rest of the industry and its motivating working environment. And how do current female WIGGERT employees see it?

Today Brigitte Baureithel reports on her experiences in a male-dominated industry and offers tips for future female colleagues. The trained industrial clerk was part of the WIGGERT family for almost 30 years before retiring at the end of 2020. “I already completed my training in the metal sector and have remained loyal to this “men’s sector” throughout my professional career.

I like to see how a product is created from steel and metals and also watch it in production. Basically, in your job, you shouldn’t lose sight of the product and the people who are collectively responsible for it – the industry is only secondary.”

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