WIGGERT embraces Generational Diversity

What makes WIGGERT stand out? An extraordinary mixture of profound experience and modern impulses. This also applies to the workforce, in which long-serving specialists work hand in hand with motivated junior staff to deliver top performance. Employees who remain loyal to the company for almost their entire professional lives are not uncommon at WIGGERT.

Uwe Dittler worked for a total of 48 years in production, in final assembly and in the warehouse, Brigitte Baureithel was a member of the WIGGERT family in the production department for almost 30 years, and Werner Arns supported the company as Customer Service Manager for 38 years. Their expertise and experience is an important cornerstone for taking the company to the next level as a concrete specialist in the world market.

At the same time WIGGERT has been focusing on targeted workforce expansion and regularly welcomes new skilled workers, trainees and students to the team.